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Thread: Need help with a problem

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    Need help with a problem

    Ive been working on this problem for a few hours and cant get the last few parts.

    In a linear accelerator, protons are accelerated from rest through a potential difference to a speed of approximately 3.1 X 10^6 meters per second. The resulting proton beam produces a current of 2 X 10^-6 ampere.

    I found part B and D (with respect to the answer of part A), but i cant get part A, which is: Determine the potential difference through which the protons were accelerated. Ive gotten as far as V = 1/2mv^2/q, but i have no clue what q is or how to find it.

    I also cant get part C, which is: The proton beam enters a region of uniform magnetic field B that causes the beam to follow a cemicircular path. Determine the magnitude of the field that is required to cause an arc of radius .1 meter.

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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    q should be charge.....thats about all of that problem i know off the top of my head. back when i was in physics 2, i might have been able to do it, but now i foget just about anything from it

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    Hey carnom,

    I'm pretty sure minger is right, q is charge. In fact I'm pretty sure q is the charge of an electron which is 1.6 x10^-19 Coulombs.

    Hope this helps.

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