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Thread: How to make movie not replay...

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    How to make movie not replay...

    I'm sure there is a simple answer but no phrasing I used in search gave me an answer for this. When someone goes from one page in a site back to the index page with the Swish movie, how can I make the movie not play when people go back after the initial intro view?

    Help would be appreciated! Thanks!


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    When you reach the last frame of your intro movie, make it go to a new page - call it index1.html - which consists of a one frame movie, that is identical to the last frame of your main movie. This one frame movie has alll of the navigation objects and links from the main movie, but no effects or motion. The user then links to other pages from this "still" movie, and you set up the return links so that they come back to index1.html. If the user returns via the back button they will also come to index1.html.

    Hope this helps,


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    Yes, this is really a great thing and I did set it up like that as a link at the bottom of the page. However, my client is wanting it to not play if someone clicks on the back button from the initial opening or even if someone goes to another site and then comes back to the index page of this site. Is there a way to have tha animation permanently cached or something? There's not that much animation to worry about in my opinion, but guess it is for him.

    Thanks for any help!

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    There is no way I know of to stop the movie from doing that, it will always play from the beginning. If it is just an intro page then just stick a skip intro button on the page.

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