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Thread: What is a good mailing list software

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    What is a good mailing list software

    Hi guys, sorry if this is posted in the wrong place.
    I have some "FAN" mailing lists with about 600-2000 people on each. I want to find the best way to mail to them. These are all peole who asked to join the list so I would like them to each get a seperate email. Anyway, I was not sure what to buy. Any advice? Anything I need to know before I buy?

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    Perhaps you could program it yourself?

    Buy a book on PHP or ASP or something along those lines.
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    i have several million emails.. are yours double opt in .. wanna sell it

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    hi there.

    if mailing list is what you need, then get a good hosting. They usually offer mailing lists in their packages (look for something called majordomo, that one is a mailing list manager).....mailing list are the ones that let anyone that is suscribed to send emails to everyone else in the group (and the admin can moderate them or just let everyone mail whatever they want).....

    if you need only to send newsletters, meaning only you and noone else will send emails to the rest of the people, then you need a newsletter program.....i tried this one:

    and it seemed pretty cool. But i don't know how many registered emails it can handle.,....just try it, it's free

    If that isn't enough, try doing a search at www.hotscripts.com .....maybe you'll need a commercial solution, but i know nothing about one, cause i'm all about opensource all the time
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    I dont think you really need a special program to send multiple copies of a newsletter. However, you will have to find out your host's details and perhaps ask for changes...
    I experienced a host that did not like to send more than about xx mails at a time.
    In any case you want to populate From:, Reply-To: or similar header fields and make sure with your host that you will actually see bounces


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    I looked into all the things you guys mentioned and found out that my hosting company "HostUltra.com" Does not allow mailing lists. I am furious about this because that was not mentioned when I joined. Of course, since I did not even know what PHP and MySQL were at the time, I did not really know what to look for in a host. I used to use a little program that worked with Outlook to create and send out emails to each address on a list in Outlook. But it started crashing my computer and stoped working. I know I should learn PHP and so I will have to find another host that allows mailing lists.
    Thanks for all the input!

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    I wonder why I have to do my mailing list thru my host and not from a computer at home. Is is because of the "automation"? I was having people send me regular emails (with their email address) to my home email address, and then in outlook I had to add their address to a list and then use another program to create my news letter and it sent out individual emails to everyone on the list. Adding the emails to the list was time consuming.
    Any thoughts? Thanks

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