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Thread: monospaced pixelfont

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    monospaced pixelfont

    I've posted this on the Flash General Help forum some moments ago, didn't see this new Fonts Forum. So here we go again:

    I've started working on a new personal project about a month ago. For that, I'm searching for a good pixelfont. I have downloaded a big load of free pixelfonts during the last weeks, but I can't seem to find one single font that suits my needs.

    I'm looking for a pixelfont with characters of about 5*5 (max 7*7) pixels. It has to contain both uppercase and lowercase caracters, and the standard special characters. And (this is very important) it has to be monospaced, meaning that the size of each character and the space behind it until the next character, has to be exactly the same. This way, every line in a multiline textbox can contain exactly the same amount of characters.

    For those of you who don't understand what I'm looking for exactly, and want to see an example; I've found these fantastic fonts on http://miniml.com/fonts/. All the mono xx_xx fonts are monospaced, but they cost $10 each. They seem to be really high quality, and I would buy them, but I happen to be very, very broke. Can anybody help me to get a free pixelfont that looks like one of those monospaced fonts?

    Tx in advance!

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    I a pixel is also a point. there are no pixel font's designed
    for 5 or 7pt.

    There are some designed for 8
    and http://www.orgdot.com/aliasfonts/
    have collections built around 8pt.

    As for monospacing if the fonts are
    aligned properly monospacing isn't an issue
    You can't justify text with an embedded font.
    The text box must have an anchor position of
    upperleft. the concept that monospaced fonts
    appear more crisp then other fonts is just unfounded.

    When you have a pixel font all the pixel points must
    align to integers to properly be veiwed.


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