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    I do alot of modelling for mods and stuff like that... and i'm making a flash with some pics of the game... i also wanted to have 3d models rotating in the flash at times. But when i import my models into the swift 3d program, the textures don't show... i only get a smoothed shaded model.... is there a way to import the texture as well? Also ... how do i turn the smooth shaded model into a wireframe if thatz possible within swift? thx

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    I can't answer your first question, as I haven't tried loading my own models in swift3d yet, I do however have the answer to your second one. To create a wireframe of your model, export your movie, and in the 'Export Vector file' window, uncheck "Fill Objects" and check "Include Edges", Oulines will wireframe outlines only, whereas Entire Mesh will wireframe the whole model. you can also choose the line weight (usually Hairline does the trick). Hope that helps..


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    Since Swift 3D is vector based, it only supports colors. You might be able to work with your object in Flash after it is imported to get the effect you're looking for. To do this, select your object and choose modify / break apart. This will allow you to change many aspects of your object.

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