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Thread: font leading problems mx2004

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    font leading problems mx2004

    Has anybody had any problems with leading when converting their files over from MX? For some reason we cannot get Frutiger 57 Condensed to work properly in 2004. MX2004 ignores any word spacing with the font. It works perfect in MX.

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    Seems pecular that it is one font and not the lot.
    I think you've stumbled upon a bug.
    Memory fails me on Frutiger 57
    is it a pixel font?

    Is the font set to auto kern?

    I think you've got a question that needs to be submitted
    to macromedia.

    Sorry bout that.

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    Thanks for the reply!
    Its really strange. Tried auto kern, changing it to dynamic text, retyping, copying straight from MX, whole new file....

    You did give me an idea. Its a mac at work. I just tried a test here at home on my PC. I have a True Type version and its working correctly. I'm wondering if we have a postscript or maybe a corrupt version at work thats making things unhappy. Gotta wait to Monday to test it out.

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