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Thread: image gallery not working

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    zmax, we went to a div based layout and there was a bug in, so far, two browsers: IE5/Mac and IE6/Win XP. The Win XP problem is extremely intermittent, as you can see by the responses in this thread. Someone said that if you switch between windows after the page loads, the content will appear. I've checked on Windows XP/IE6 and every page that people have pointed me to works fine. Kinda tough to debug when you can't replicate the problem, but we're on it.

    I have a new version almost ready to go. Provided there are no bugs, it should be live in a few days. I'll post a link here once I get it working a little better in 800x600.

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    Looks like you can add Win98se and IE6 to that list of OS/browser problems.
    That's what I'm still running and having the same trouble.
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