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Thread: Need Designer

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    Need Designer

    Hi ,

    Here is a link to my current site www.djsyze.com

    the site is done in Flash and Html.

    So heres the down side I can only pay $150 for the design but if you are a student that needs portfolio work ect.. then this would be good for you. I get around 4,000 hits a month, and in the last year and a half ive had 40,000 and from those i get lots of questions on who did the site. So i could always hook you up with more work.

    I am lookin for someone that is into the same style.. hip hop graff... urban ect. I am a DnB dj but i cant handle the tech styles, I like original work.

    If you are intrested please hit me up at djsyze@djsyze.com
    or aim syzeakajoanna

    Thanks Much

    Joanna aka Syze
    aim syzeakajoanna

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    cmon, i'm sure you could spend some more...

    anyway nice site. that's gonna be some tough work if you want it to improve with 150$.

    good luck

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    I'm interested, i've added you to my aim, but your not on. Mine is fyrefuze.

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    Unfortunately Flash Kit does not allow job postings in the forums here. I'm leaving the thread here so people can use the contact information to get in touch with you should they so desire, but it will have to be closed.

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