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    What do you mean how can I? I did! In case you didn't understand, the point I made was well explained by cozzer3000. I'm sure you would have a much warmer response from others if you had treated the community with respect. You see, the way you came off does not entice me to critique your work. Instead it lead me to tell you that if you want others to critique your work, treat the community with more respect.

    I know you want a critique of your work, but that's not what I feel you need right now. What I feel you need is one of lifes learning lessons. I'm not trying to be mean to you, I'm just trying to give you some genuine advice:

    Keep up that attitude and you won't get too far in life. If you're the boss, people won't want to work for you, and if you're the employee your boss won't want you working for him/her. It doesn't hurt to be humble, but it could hurt you in a big way by being arrogant.

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    Did you read my last post?

    Point made. I'm sure it feels better to get that off your chest. Moral of the story...arrogance can be taken to an undesirable extreme. Can we let it go now?

    Guys, if this turns into a flame war I'm going to close it down.

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