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Thread: Busting into Flash Templates???

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    Busting into Flash Templates???

    I am wondering if with no real flash experience what so ever since I am working full time plus a second job the rest of time while going to school full time too.... Time is limited @ the moment. Perhaps I can get a template and start off like that for some trianing aid for myself. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    If you're looking for a template to use as a training aid, why not use the tutorials built into flash? That's basically what they are.

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    alright perhaps that will be a start

    Yes I never gave that a thought I was thinking I could break into it and have everything all at one time. great begining site starter and learn it all. LOL always beating down the clock. Still any good template beginner sites love to hear from you all any ideas welcome.
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    I haven't used any so I can't say if they're good or bad, but a quick google turns up tons of free/cheap html & flash template sites.
    Here's some Flash ones for free:

    and their whole list of other free templates:

    Of course you are probably going to have to spend $30-60 to get anything decent.
    I think the free one are a teaser to sell you better ones.
    Good luck.
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