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Thread: Preloading Empty movie clip problems

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    Preloading Empty movie clip problems

    If you go to www.geocities.com/banachiewicz and click on graphics you will see my preloader and then the graphics. If you click on it again after it has loaded to your hard drive, the preloader screen will always pop up for a least a second. Is there anyway to avoid this? Also, is there any way to ensure that my preloader bar goes all the way to the end before the main movie starts? Sometimes it falls short of getting all the way to the end before the main movie starts. Anyway here is the flash file for it. Thanks.
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    This is a modified version of my preloading code posted here for almost 2 years... I recently delete the thread!

    No preloader flash on a re-load or refresh when using my original version.

    You have to realize that ALL your displayed elements on that one and only frame, textfields, loadbar, loadbar borders, movie clips and even your "Loading... Please Wait" message, must all be set to be invisible to start with, and will only be made visible if the preloader can't find a cached file and is put into motion.

    As for your bar not reaching it's full extension, you could add a few frames to that preloader movie, and when 100 percent is reached, only have the movie play, and only re-load the movie you're loading at the end of those few frames.

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    is seems that all the this.object._visible = false; and this.object._visible = true; might be making the page take longer to load. If that is true, is there a way to make this.layername._visible = false or this.framelabel._visible = false? Would that make it load faster?

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