So i have this shooting game i am working on... when you shoot a character he might drop a ammo clip of bullets you know... here is the function for that placed on the root in the first frame

function dropammo( x, y) {
seed = random(200);
if ((seed > 150) && (seed < 175)) {
_root.attachMovie("hgdropammo", "hgdropammo" + hgdrop, -hgdrop-100);
_root["hgdropammo"+hgdrop]._x = x;
_root["hgdropammo"+hgdrop]._y = y;
//trace("drop ammo");

the character in the dying sequence passes the x y locations for the drop.

Here is how the movie clip itself is set up...

ammo creator (with a linkage name hgdropammo)
- the ammo clip image itself which is a movie clip that has the code:
onClipEvent(enterFrame) {
this.onPress = function() {

it does not remove... i have tried using _parent and _root in all of its forms but nothing... any suggestions?