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Thread: Defining patterns in Illustrator

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    Defining patterns in Illustrator

    I'm wondering if there is a way to define the diagonal line pattern (created in PHOTOSHOP) used commonly for backgrounds in ILLUSTRATOR?

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    Maybe the attached image will help clarify what I'm interested in finding out. I'd like to know if this (diagonal line pattern) can be duplicated in Illustrator in the same manner its produced in Photoshop - rather then having to place each individual line and then distribute evenly.

    I need to have this element as vector information for printing purposes

    Thanks in advance.

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    In Illustrator is basically the same.

    Make your desired pattern than goto 'edit > define pattern'

    Open up your swatches palette by selecting it from the window menu.
    'window > swatches'

    Create a shape and drag the newly created pattern in there to fill.

    That should do it.

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    DaIt should be so simple!

    I am having a little difficulty figuring out how to eliminate a space that's occurring with the tiled pattern. I've messed around with the "line" end cap settings - miter settings - line placement - line weight - etc. I've not had any success. Attached is a screen shot to better explain what's occurring (I turned of the grid for clarity sake).

    You have any ideas how to eliminate this space that's occurring?

    Thanks again!
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    Hi another way of doing it is to create a line in illustrator, hold shift key to get a perfect 45, 90 180 angle etc

    then go to object > transform > move and add the settings in the screenshot, turn preview on and off so you know its going roughly where you want it, and when its looking good hit the 'copy' button then hit ctrl + D (duplicate) apple + D (mac) this will duplicate the copied line and duplicate the stepping across the page, you can also do this with placed objects.


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    Thanks much!


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