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Thread: xml neewbie

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    xml neewbie

    firstly i don't know what i'm doing. I'm using xml for the first time. i'm using a menu in flash that has a link to a different swf i want to open next to the menu swf in explorer. here is the code (sort of)
    html page has two frames one called 'menu' and one called 'loader'.
    the xml has this code to luanch the link
    <SUB text="UNIT 8A- Objects & Viewpoints " URL="test.swf" target="loader.html"></SUB>
    i want 'test.swf to load in frame 'loader'. whilst the menu stays in place. i'm lost. any help please

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    Sounds to me like you don't need XML at all.

    If you're simply directing a link to another frame within the same frameset, you do it just as you would normally do in HTML. Just add a getURL() method in your Actionscript and change the target to "loader" or "menu" depending on where you'd like the page with the SWF to open.
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