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Thread: stereo/mono - sound question!

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    stereo/mono - sound question!


    I am hoping that someone out there might be able to provide me with an answer to this problem.

    I have a site, which is here , if you rollover any of the squares you should hear a soundbyte. Also if you click on any square it plays a little movie clip some sound playing at the same time. All of these sounds are playing in stereo on my browser but on my clients (and 2 or 3 others that he has tested on) machine these sounds play as mono. I have checked and double checked everything that I can think of.

    Why is it playing in stereo on mine and mono on all of the other machines!???

    Can any of you check the above site and let me know if it is playing in mono or stereo or if any one can suggest where I might be going wrong and anything that I have missed.

    Thanks in advance - it's driving me nuts!!!!


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    well i checked it out .. it must be their browsers/settings /
    t works just fine on this end ..
    good luck
    I want to learn .
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    I hear sound on both speakers... But is it stereo? I'd need the classic ping pong stereo effect to be convinced!

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    Thanks for the feedback guys

    I don't know why but for some reason the rollovers and section sounds only play in mono on my clients machines but the movie files and audio files all play in perfect stereo! - although all of these are loaded are set to the highest bitrate and best setting in the publish settings and the rollovers are at 48kpbs - would that be the reason?

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