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Thread: MC drag around the scene problem

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    MC drag around the scene problem

    I have a MC graphic in a scene that contains a button inside of it. When pressed, the button will jump to another frame inside the MC to show a new graphic. My problem is when I apply the script I can drag the mc graphic around the scene but the button does not work. Any ideas?

    Here is the script I attached to the MC on the main stage:

    on (press) {
    on (release) {

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    If you have a movie clip behaving like a button, and a button inside that movie clip, only the external object (the movie clip) will work.
    How do you want flash to tell which one you're clicking? Flash chooses the one on top.

    Maybe you can place both the button and the mc in the same timeline, inside another movie clip. This last movie clip has no code, but the movie clip and the button keep their code, with different target paths maybe...

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