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Thread: browser size?

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    I am wanting to have a flash film in a stand alone browser window with a pixel size of 400 x 400? Anyone know how this is done in Dreamweaver?

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    Originally from Diavalo

    There are basically two steps to this.
    First, you need to tell your flash button what you want it to do when it's clicked on. In this case, you want it to open a new window for a new page. We'll set the parameters of that window here in a second. So, find that button, double click on it and then let's give it an action. All you need to do is find the action that says "Get URL".
    Once you've selected that, then go ahead and and click your mouse in that big blank box over to the right. In that large blank area you will type or paste this into it:


    That's the only thing you need write and don't worry about putting quotes around that. You want it just like it's pictured above. Just replace "yourfile.html" with whatever you doc's name is. And don't worry about sending variables or any of those other buttons. Just click "OK".

    Now that your flash file is ready to go, you need to publish and html doc to go along with this. Hopefully you already have experience with editing html. So after you've published the html doc, go ahead and open it up in a text editor or something and paste this between the <head> tags.

    <script language="JavaScript">
    <!-- hide from JavaScript-challenged browsers

    function openWindow(url, w, h){
    var windowprops = "scrollbars,resizable,status,width=" + w + ",height=" + h;
    popup = window.open(url,'remote',windowprops);

    // done hiding -->

    Hope that helps!

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