Im developing a website, purely in flash.

there are 2 movies, the main one, which is always visible, and the sub movie which apears when a tab is clicked.
THe sub movie is a basic product catalog, each frame has a a unique pic and its own dynamic discription which loads from a txt file into a txt box. There is a basic navagation bar that navigates between the different frames. When this is tested all the dynamic text loads correctly, the navigation works and all images work as well. i used ctrl+alt+enter to run it.

For the problem
The sub movie is then run under the main movie. The pictures load, the navigation works but the txt does not change or load. I tried using unique static text on each frame but that doesnt change from the first frame. Ie, frame A: PicA, StaticTextA, and Navigation, FrameB: PicB, StaticTxtA and navigation. it should be, PicA, DynamicA, Nav, FrameB, PicB, DynamicTxtB, Navigation.

Any ideas will be praised.