I am attempting to use FLASH 5 compiled player as the front end installer menu program. What I mean is I create a FLASH movie that has buttons on the screen for the user to select the program from the CD to install. In the event Button Release I am attempting to use the fscommand to change to the directory on the CD and then execute the setup.exe file. The problem that I have is not everyone has their CD as the D: drive so I can not hard code the path in the program. I also can not execute a batch file because it stays open in windows. If I put the setup.exe in the root of the cd where the install.exe is located then it runs. However, I need better organization of files on the CD so I need to use sub-directories.

What I have tried is
On (Release) {
fscommand (exec, "cd \app1");
fscommand ("exec", "install.exe");
fscommand ("quit");

The problem I have is how do I get to a sub-directory without using the fscommand to execute a dos command "cd" I have also tried to put the full path of the install.exe and this also does not work.