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Thread: Judging Graphic Design work

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    Judging Graphic Design work

    What criteria would you use to judge whether a peice of graphic design was successful or not? Successful as in a means of displaying or conveying information and its persuasion factor/ability.

    Say if you were making a leaflet about a charity or cause you were trying to promote?

    Or just evaluating a peice in general - how do you tell if its good?

    Hope that made sense

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    You could fill a book with just the use of typography. Its hard to say within just a post.

    You can ( I think ) divide what you see in four elements.

    Color, Typography, graphics and message. ( and of course the combination ). The message is the most important ( which could be anythig of course ).

    Although perception is quite personal there are some things that thru our culture is viewed the same way. For instance, if you ask someone to design a symbol of love, you would most likely get a heart as it is kind of universal. A liver =) would not do the job.

    So we have a lot of these symbols, colors, typefaces that thru tradition is already in our minds, wether we know it or not. And its comparing these "standards" to the new things we see, be it sites or leaflets or whatever.

    But every once in a while the "rules" are broken and we get new references or new styles.

    Oh sorry, Im babbling. Not shure this was what you are looking for.

    -Pelle Piano
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    Its all good Pell.

    I don't really know what I am after myself.
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    If anyone cares this is what I've come up with so far (yeah I was asking for
    help with an essay)
    If anyone would like to add anything to it I'll love you for ever!

    In this essay I will ascertain and discus how items of graphic design can be
    evaluated and judged. I will be establishing what criteria can be applied
    to graphic design works in regard to evaluation and judgment purposes. The
    key areas that will be looked at will help one decide how successful an item
    is at conveying information and how persuasive it is.

    Almost all pieces or graphic design work, whether it is a poster, a leaflet,
    a brochure or a piece of artwork, are intended to inform the viewer of
    something. The work may have been commissioned and created to advertise a
    product, inform on a certain issue or as an expression of the artist. As
    something is nearly always trying to be conveyed it is important to know
    what factors are required in the design and implementation of a piece of
    graphic design work in order for it to be successful in getting its message
    across to the viewer.

    Product Research

    Before starting to plan the piece of graphic design work it is essential to
    research the project, client or cause you are about to represent.

    Sensitive to the cause - if it's for recycling use recycled paper - research

    Factually correct information

    Target Audience


    Grammar, spelling




    Is the brand or cause being promoted easily identifiable, has a new brand
    image been established. Is the artist's personal style reflected in the

    Delivery of Message

    Was the message of the work delivered successfully? Was it done in a manner
    relating to the product - i.e. was it aggressive (boxing match), respectful
    (religious group),

    Client Satisfaction

    Has the work met with the request from the client? Has the clients wishes
    been fulfilled. Will they hire you again? Was the working relationship

    Generate Income/registrations/donations

    if you can add anything - headers or stuff under each one

    many thanks
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    for the means of a leaflet under legability you could say that grpahics should not interefer with the legability of the text eg a grpahics must be sufficiently faded into the background or a sufficient distance away from the text to allow clarity.

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    Originally posted by pellepiano
    Although perception is quite personal there are some things that thru our culture is viewed the same way.
    I could write a book telling you the reasons why perception, as it's understood nowadays by science, is not personal. it's something above cultures and languages.

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    Try judging on a scale of 1 to 10 in say... FOUR (or so) categories. That way you can tally up the numbers for each and you don't have to kill yourself doing something that doesn't *need* to be stressful.

    Ideas for categories: Creativity, Balance, Color Coordination, Contrast, Originality, etc.

    I had to judge a large group of highschool kids at an art show and this method seemed to work out fine.

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