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Thread: Loading japanese text.

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    Loading japanese text.

    I'm working on the actionscript on a cd rom for a japanese co.

    All is going fine except loading in some japanese text from an external text file.

    It's just not working.

    the text file looks something like:

    content = "<japanese text here>"

    The dynamic text box is set to use a japanese font.

    Does the variable name need to be in japanese?
    Do i have to do something special with the text file??
    Do I have to do something with the text box in flash???

    I really don't have any idea what the solution is. I'm english and don't have much experience with the japanese language as far as computers go.

    Any help MUCH appreciated

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    you should embedd the font you are using or the japanese font will not be displayed on computers without that font.

    look at the properties for the text field and click the button called Character. now choose the characters you want to embedd for that textfield.

    this will increase the size of the swf considerably, but since it's for a cd it's doesn't really matter.

    i assume you can see japanese text in you word processor..

    does it work to load and display english text??

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    Thanks k/smaert,
    I already tried embedding the font which kind of helps a bit.
    Which suggests the problem lies in the text file; macs treat the format somewhat differently to pcs. Gonna post something on the mac board.
    I have some japanese os computers around so i'll check it out on those.

    If it keeps being strange i'll just convince them it's a good idea to paste the text directly into flash. Since it's destined for a cd the only benefit of external text is for the guy who is compiling the actual cd. (I'm just an actionscripter in this)
    And, yeah - the text shows with english .. of course!! heh.

    thanks again

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    Hi, I have the same problem here. eng text in external file are shown but jap text is in a mess. I tried to embed character to my dynamic text field but ended up all text are missing. Does anyone can help??

    my flash setting is player9, actionscript2.0

    thanks alot!

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