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    I have a root SWF file that makes use of (5) fonts total (in both static and dynamic text fields). Right now I have the Dynamic fields set to "Embed" the fonts and as I understand the static fields automatically embed the typeface referenced?
    Into this root SWF I am dynamically loading up to 200 other swfs (into the root movie in different combinations at different times) which all contain text fields. All of the 200 swfs make use of the same (5) fonts to various degrees.

    The question is, would I gain anything by creating a "shared-fonts" SWF? Can it be accessed by both Static and Dymanic fields? I have found lots of information, but no clear explanation of how the Flash Player actually handles fonts. What would be really nice is a diagram that shows how this all works. In other words if I "embed" a font in a dynamically loaded SWF, unload that SWF, and then load a new SWF in another level, is that font still in the Player or do I need to embed it again - is it movie-specific? Also if I load say 10 SWFs into different levels at the same time, do I have to "embed" fonts in each of the SWFs separately or will the first embedding cover all the other instances?

    It seems like there would be a way to just decide what fonts you want to use in a project, embed them once into the Player and have all future SWFs loaded into that root movie pull from that common info. Is this what the "Shared Fonts" concept does? I guess not because what I have read says that the "Shared SWFs" sit on the server? If you create a "Shared Fonts" SWF do you still need to embed fonts in dynamic fields? Does anyone have a clear explanation of how this font thing works?

    Thanks in advance.
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