I am a designer for this website @ http://members.dingoblue.net.au/~huyhoang/ygals and it still under construction using all FLash. Under the link "What it meant to be a Ygals", at the bottom of the page I had some links to different personel. For those with big monitor it's fine because you can view the entire site without scrolling up and down But my problem is that for those with a small monitor like 640x480, people have to scroll up to the top of the page everytime they press the link. I think it would be more effective if they click on the link then some how the browser just scroll all the way to the top of the page. Eg: A movie @ 640x2000. I'd like to move from the bottom of 640x2000 to 640x1 position in the same movie without open a new page. With HTML it much easier but i like to know can i do it in Flash.

Ps. I am not talking about fitting the whole movie in one screen because it would be toooo small to read. I try to target new URL but that will bring me to the main movie and will lost the current movie. I hope some one can understand what i tyr to express koz my english is a bit poor

Thank you