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Thread: How to do this effect?

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    How to do this effect?

    How do I do this effect from: http://www.mecano.ca/flash.php

    In this site you will see a side menu that comes out with a mouse over. What I like to know is when you put the mouse over a link the link name is shows up and stays with the mouse as long as the mouse is on the link.

    Any advice, code examples or tutorial would sure be appreciated!

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    If you want to create a component or at least a reusable movieclip like, here's how would go about. First you would set up a text format for the font size and face you want. Then you would getTextExtent on your hint text to see what's the width. Based on that, you would draw a rectangle of said width and height using moveTo and lineTo.

    Then you would place an empty text field and fill it with the hint text. All that would be left is to toggle the visibility of the hint on rollover and rollout of the button and allow it to be moved iwth the moved by making the _x and _y of the hint follow _root._xmouse and _root._ymouse.

    All in all, it's probably something like 75-100 lines of code. If you do it once though you can reuse it later very easily.

    Hope this helps.
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