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Thread: Ocean w/ Tides effect

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    Ocean w/ Tides effect

    hey everybody,

    i'm designing the website for my band. i'm going for a grungy design but with one elegent touch: a neat effect that gives the impression of tides.

    see, the main background is going to be a picture of where the beach meets the water, during the morning or night to get the desired effects in the sky. then one of the guys will be standing off to the left of the image facing the ocean. i want to use this for the website, but make it look like the tides are flowing in and out from the ocean.

    i'm a novice with flash so i can do the basic stuff but this effect i'm going for i need advice on. i can only speculate as to what i should do... like, should we take several photos of the tide coming in and out, and somehow combine them in the animation?

    thanks in advance.

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    Re: Ocean w/ Tides effect

    Originally posted by skatehippie
    i'm a novice with flash so i can do the basic stuff....
    That's exactly the problem. this sounds like an advanced effect. If not done well it will look "tacky". My honest advice. Just use a sound loop of the tide. Forget about the animation.

    If not, go crazy with some multiple layer .png's fading in-&-out opacity of water on the shore.....

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    Haha yeah but thats exactly what I was thinking with the multiple layers and changing opacity and stuff...

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