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Thread: selection of part of graphic

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    selection of part of graphic

    Hi all

    This is going to be a very silly question but hey, basically i want to cut out part of a graphic i have done which has some rounded sides, is there a easyier way of doing this than using the laso selection tool in psp8 as i cant get the rounded edges cut out smooth enough ???

    thanks for any help
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    How i do it, is is use the pen tool. You make select the pen tool and then trace around the object that you want to cut out. Normally to help, i also lower the opacity of the layer that the pen tool is working in, so that i can see whats under it. Once you've complete traced the object (be sure the pen tool object is completely closed) then i hold down Control (i think its Alt for macs) and then i click on the layer that the pen tool object is in. This will select everything in the layer (so make sure that the pen tool object is the only thing in the layer, or els it will select other things as well) Now that every thing in the layer is selected, select the layer with the graphics that you want to cut out. Then, just rip out the selection. Or go to Selection>Invert Selection, and hit delete, to delete everying outside the selection .

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