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    alright...for a test i made a donut in swift. I added some rotations to it. Now I exported the donut but chose to only export the mesh.

    I imported this new mesh animation into flash it works just fine. But my problem is that swift exports the mesh in a black color. I tried to change the color in flash but I couldn't figure it out. So i went back to swift and i couldn't figure it out there either. So is there a way in swift to change the color of the mesh to say a green or red so that when i import the file into flash the mesh isn't black because i have blackground in my movie and it won't show.

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    As a quick solution you might want to make the animation a movie clip in flash and then adjust the tint. Inside Swift3D itself it doesnt look like there are options for the color of the edges.

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    You are right. Selecting outline color on export is a possible feature for V2.0.

    good luck!

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