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Thread: need to know how certain things were executed here...

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    need to know how certain things were executed here...

    sorry for crashing the lounge with this flash question hehehe...but i am super curious about a few things...
    I need to know how certain things in this website were executed. things like: 1)how the opacity of the sketches selection was done(you know, the way it fades in) 2) when you click on an artwork thumbnail, a low opacity dark gray screen takes up the whole broser window and the artwork piece begins to load. i want to know how they got that low opacity dark gray screen to appear. also, once the artwork is loaded, if you click the screen, it disappears. it would be helpful to know how that was done as well.

    3)and lastly, i see so many flash movies where things just move really fast and smoothly...like in this website. i just wonder if it just takes a lot of practice to get your movies to be like that ot ris it some sort of trick to it?

    okay if anyone can give me some solutions to all this, it would be much appreciated. even if you only know how to do one these htings, thats ok. i just would like some pointers to help me out. thanks!!!

    the website:
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    1) You can change the alpha of movie clips. Put it on the stage and then click where it says color: none in the properties box. Change that to alpha and choose 50% or something.

    2) Its all a flash movie, so thats not very hard. just make a very large movie clip.

    3) you could increase the frame rate till about 20 or 25. For games i use 30 or 40.

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    Question aside, that site is badass! Love the design arrows and smudges.

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