Hi ppl, i've been sifting through the forums for issues on shared libraries and preloading them. I still couldn't figure out how to do a proper preloader for shared libraries but i'd like to share something i observed.

it is true that the shared library only gets loaded the first time an item in the library is referenced. to FORCE a preload of a library, just drop one (and only one is necessary) to a frame at the start of the movie and preloading will trigger. it still doesnt guarantee completion when u really access other symbols.

the other details is u dont need to store linkage references in the 'client' fla. The library file needs to be configured to export all the necessary symbols but the client fla only actually needs to import in ONE symbol. u'll notice that all other exported symbols will still be available by script from that point. U still need to drop em in there if u wanna do authortime placement.

so wat do i do? i create one ultra-tiny dummy object and export it. I drop that in the client's stage to trigger preload. The remainder symbols are loaded by script without explicitly importing it into the client library.