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Thread: need help figuring out rectangles, morphing, etc.

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    need help figuring out rectangles, morphing, etc.

    This kinda seems like a newbie question, maybe i should post this in newbies but anyways...

    i need to know if it is possible to break apart, morph rectangles in flash. I'm using flash mx. if you test the movie in the flash file i attached, you'll see what I'm getting at. cuz what i want to do, is something like what this guy did, but eventually create shapes of my own and just divide them in same fashion as he did...here's his website:


    see how he makes his shapes morph and move about when you click on one of the buttons for sketches, grafix, web&animation, etc.? I want to make shapes move in similar way. Please, if anyone know how to go about this, i'd really appreciate it. the file i attached seems to be as much as i can figure out on my own. if more info is needed let me know also. thanks!!!
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    There is no "morphing" involved as far as I can see. Its more of an illusion. Its mostly done with masks, revealing shapes. As almost all objects are black it willl look like quite advanced shapes "morph" but they are made of several movieclips that, most probably are tweened and not scripted.

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