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Thread: Netscape 7.1 (MAC) and SWFs ..getURL doesn't work

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    Netscape 7.1 (MAC) and SWFs ..getURL doesn't work

    hey guys:

    Does anyone know any info on this:

    When you view a swf in the flash player (latest verion, MX 2004) itself and use the getURL function. In netscape 7.1 for the mac, this action doesn't work!

    This action only works if the swf file is embedded in a html file. This is useless if you are doing standalone as it does'nt work at all.

    This is very bizarre and I was wondering if anyone else knew about this?

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    The projector relies on support from the installed browser. If you have Internet Explorer installed it should work. If all you have is Netscape I'm not sure.

    Colin Mook keeps tabs on a list of MAC & IE related issues at http://moock.org/webdesign/flash/macie/ (just a good place to check every now and again) but I'm not sure anything on the list applies here.

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    thanks northcode:

    Well I have other browsers on my machine and it works fine so it is very peculiar. I don't ever recall this being a problem before. It's more out of curiosity as to why this would happen.

    I'll check out that URL....

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