That right folks its back! Channel surfing will be back in full swing here very soon, so get your thinking (and creativity) caps on. Something I would like to point out about this one is, I am not going to be director of the project like last time.

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But why Pooon?
Well I have a lot of things I wanted to get out of the way first and I also have another idea in mind, similar to channel surfing in the way that it is made up of community made shorts, but different in nature and a billion times more intense, so having someone else take care of this will give me a chance to make this idea a reality. Its called "The Beat" and I'll probably begin production in a couple weeks time if everything goes correctly. I'm going to be planning this with Olly K.

As for channel surfing 2, I have left that in the hands Mega Toon. He was a big part of channel surfing one and I'm sure he'll do a great job with this one. But don't fret, I still have a strong part in the project and I'll make sure it gets the polish necessary before being released but as I mentioned, I'm sure he'll do a great job. Now I don't know if he wants to do anything different with it but I'll be sure he'll let you know well in advance. But whatever the case start thinking now and I want this one to blow the first one out of the water. Remember, the ones that everyone really noticed were the really well made/drawn ones and the funny ones. Especially the funny ones.

One more thing I'd like to add. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, follow the guide lines. 400 X 300, 24 frames a second, no longer than 15 seconds, send the fla not the swf, and don't make the cartoon out of action script just use motion tween like a normal person (You may think this sounds silly but one of the clips was made this way and it was difficult to get working with the rest). I spent 50% of my time fixing up these errors and this time if it breaks the guide lines, we'll just not accept it until its right, this way we can spend more time on the over all production. Now I don't know if he's planning on changing the guidelines (I doubt it) but, as I said before, if anything is different he'll let you guys know.

And with that, I hand this thread over to Channel Surfings new director, Mega Toon.