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Thread: Flash to databases using ADOX for standalone app

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    Flash to databases using ADOX for standalone app


    in a number of thread i read how make Flash talk directly to databases using ADO or ODBC.

    I don't know if exist 3rth part software to allow use ADOX as in Asp application.
    With ADOX object is possible to read table name, Fields.Name of table, Fields.Type, etc ...
    with that is very easy develop a database manager ...

    Thanks in advance

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    Many of those third party tools you keep hearing about (see list below) allow you to write extensions or plugins that can extend the core capabilities by exposing new FSCommands. If you know ADOX and you can write simple applications in C/C++, Delphi or VB then it shouldn't be much work for you to whip up an ADOX extension for your tool of choice. You can expose as much or as little of the ADOX model as you need without waiting for one of the third party developers to build one with all the bells and whistles - which is what we do

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    Thanks for suggestion.

    The problem for me is i know VBscript but not Vb ...
    and to practice other lenguages, i've not many times ...

    For this i'm looked adox 3rth part ...

    Thanks however

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