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Thread: swf window size when web publishing

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    swf window size when web publishing


    i am wanting to publish a flash movie on the web but when i do it the window on which the movie appears is maximised to the size of my screen so the flash file is distorted. is there any way in which i can lock the size of the window to the size of my original flash file?

    many thanks!!!

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    Yep! The html (in which the Flash movie is embedded) could have an onLoad javascript function call that would resize the browser window to match your Flash movie's dimensions...

    But that's javascript and not Flash.

    You're probably scaling the width and height of your movie to 100% in your object & embed tags, and you shouldn't. Just set it so that it matches the movie in pixels instead, because I hate people that force resize my browsing window.

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    hey thanks very much!!!

    so do you know javascript or where i could go to find about that? that's exactly what i want to do!

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