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Thread: NDMM's website : A result from using SWiSH 2.0

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    NDMM's website : A result from using SWiSH 2.0

    Hi .. plz check out this web . It's made using the older version of SWiSH (V. 2.0) . SWiSH helps me A LOT on doing this website.

    click here to jump to the website :


    P/S - Noticed that some of the grammar used in this website is wrong since i'm not a fluent speaker of English language . Sorry !
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    Nice effort but...

    You have too much going on. I used to do that as well when I discovered Swish and it's hard NOT to want to have every type of animation you can think of in your site. You should have seen the last version of my site. I would suggest you try and cut back on them.

    Your site took a LOOOOOONG time to load. I'm on a 3MG broadband connection and it took almost 30 seconds. Your main movie is approximately 625k. WAAAAAY too big. It also looks like you have your framerate jacked up real high as well. That isn't necessary to have your animations play that smooth or fast. Too many animations on the 2 towers (can't remember their names). Distracting. The 3 frames with flashing images? Distracting. I like them don't get me wrong. Just distracting. You should have those slow down when moused over. Just a suggestion. I might even try that myself. The train animation should have the opacity of the shapes set lower and the black lines removed from them. It's overpowering the image. Also slow that down a tad. Just a suggestion mind you.

    Your navigation needs work. I almost didn't spot it there was so much going on elsewhere on the site. There isn't enough info in those new windows to warrant having them. You should try the load movie function to keep your movie contained on one page and loaded in that large area on the stage. I also didn't like having to scroll down to see the rest of the site. If you don't actually plan on utilizing that large stage area you have then there isn't a real reason to have to scroll. Also your use of 2 different fonts really clashed.

    Just suggestions. A good version 1 effort. WAAAAY better than my version 1 site.

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    I just noticed you have 2 menus going on at the same time. I must have clicked the "profile" link the first time and never noticed that you had a "back button there. All I saw was that page.

    A word of advice would be to kkeep ALL your menu items visible at all times so that you can get to any part of the site from any OTHER part of the site WITHOUT having to click a "back" button. As for the other items they are very tame animation and graphics wise compared to the "profile" link. I think you should have ALL your menu items behave the same instead of one menu acting one way and another menu acting in another.

    Just my opinion here. It's your site after all.

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