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Thread: i need ur comments on my site

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    i need ur comments on my site

    hi all i made site realted to msn emotions mian aim was not to promote the emotions or messenger but infact i wanted to make a site for my experince this is my 3rd site.. i welcome all comments by u so tht i can improve myself in further projects...with thanx ...

    my site

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    :-) Hi Cactus! What a cute site. I am not a fan of avitars and emocons but it is a well done site especialy for your first try! I like the fact that you made the option to turn off the music!

    The light colours give your avitarts and emocons the needed limelight and the faint designs in the back are great. :-) I like to see people using dingbat and designer fonts instead of gifs and jpgs! Vectors are so much cleaner!

    Your choice of bright colours also lends a hand to the cheerfulness of the site. It loaded just fine for me but I am on cable so I am not a good judge of this. You might want to get your loading times from someone who is on a dial up or dsl.

    The one thing that I would change would be your choice of font. The font you use is like an old typewriter font and it is very hard to read. Also, you might want to check your spelling by putting it into a spell check before you put it in Swish. :-) I noticed a few typos.

    Overall, it seems to be a great job!

    Ms Pamela
    Palette Masters design
    Oentsjerk Netherlands

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