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Thread: Pricing of the big boys?

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    Outsourcing is a very very old thing, tech world has been doing since the 80's. And the world has been outsourcing since trade has been around. Made in China?
    Who gives a flying Flip.

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    Originally posted by EllisStudios
    Alright explain how cost isnt a factor. I would love to know. Yes a designer must have a degree of creativity and some knowledge of the culture. But explain this, how can a swedish company create a site for an american company based on an american tradition?
    what are you reading? I said, "professions in the field of web design/print/ad etc etc. wont be as susceptible to outsourcing as some other 'tech'jobs..."
    quote me right.

    Have you ever done a high poly render? It can take a day a frame on a very nice machine (dual xenon 3ghz+ 4gb ram) and hours with a farm.
    how is that a creative work? most of it are menial jobs, filling out frame per frame in betwen key frames.. all they will need is a few key animators in stateside, then ship out the animation work to wherever the labour is cheap enough to justify outsourcing.

    Cost is a factor, it is a factor in every thing we do. Atleast in my world.
    'cost of the equipment', which in this case are computers and tablets... and those products are sold at world price, and computer products exhibit similar depreciation rate around the globe, so, yes, it's not a factor.

    of course, 'COST' is a factor.. the whole point of outsourcing stems from the lower cost of investment and potentially higher ROI it can generate.

    the only realistic barrier is government intervention, which is pretty much non-existent.

    that said, the only jobs that are relatively safe are professions that are sensitive to the geography and culture.

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