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Thread: advice and suggestions on save options

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    advice and suggestions on save options

    Hi. I'm working on a cd rom (in flash) for a bath company with many products.

    When on one of the product pages, the client must be able to hit a button and save the product pic. My first goal was to make a "save as" dialog open but apparently I can't do it in Flash.

    My new idea is to have a browser window open an the client to right-click on the picture to save but it's not as easy and "pro" in the client's eye!

    And I have to find a cross-platform solution.

    Any ideas are welcome.


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    I had to do something just like that a few years ago, and I would hope there's a better solution than this by now, but what I had to do:


    2 different versions of a projector, one mac, one pc (a good CD writing application like toast will let you define a volume that opens on macs and a seperate one for pcs)

    PC projector, a batch file for every single image you want to allow the user to save. The problems with this were 1. not being able to pass arguments to a single batch file for all the images, and 2. not being able to get a save as dialog out of a batch file.

    Mac projector, a seperate applescript for each image. If I remember correctly, you could get a "save as" dialog out of an applescript rather easily, but I still couldn't pass arguments to it, thus the need for tons of nearly identical applescripts.


    At least on the PC side, you can make your life tons easier by using any of the 3rd party projectors people are always talking about on this board. I'm currently using lpflashex, but the documentation is something of a nightmare.

    I have no clue if there are any equivelents on the mac side. you'd think there would be.

    So that kind of functionality is doable, it just may be a nightmare getting it to work on both platforms. GOOD LUCK!

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    Well, the more I read, the more I tend to go with the browser option. I just can't afford to spend too many hours on this.

    But it seems to me that flash should include this kind of functionnality, maybe in future versions.


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    We have a 3rd party tool that does exactly what you are looking for. "Fire-up" will display a standard "save as" dialog, so the user can select his target, and displays a standard progress bar while copying. Files and folders can be copied on Windows and Mac.
    Visit http://www.atomiksoftware.com/ for more info

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    Hi. Well, it's very interesting as a cross-platform no browswer solution.

    I've checked the site, cool.

    I have a few question: Since you have to copy the fire up app to complete the commands, will I have to copy it for each document (I'll have around 200 to be saveable, pdf and jpgs)

    How much the app weight?

    Is fire up totally transparent or the user will see it in the process?


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    You'll have to make 200 copies.
    The windows and mac app are both about 72K.
    The user won't see anything on windows. On Mac the Fire-Up icon will appear shortly in the dock.

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    I've downloaded the demo and tried it in my movie. Just worked! You can't find easier to use.

    I'm very happy because I was sure I'll have to open browswer windows etc... but now, the final product will be much slicker for my client.

    So I'll go buy it as soon as I'm ready to proceed, you saved my life!

    Thanks again.


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