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Thread: font problem

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    font problem


    I have created a little banner animation but have encountered a problem.

    I have downloaded some fonts from the internet and realise these will not be displayed on other people's computers unless they have downloaded it. To counter this problem i found by making the text "static text" and unclicking "auto kern" and "use device fonts". This allows the text ot be displayed on any computer even if the user doesnt have the font.

    My actual problem was following this i wanted to add the current time and date to the banner. In doing this i created 2 layers and 2 key frames in each. In 1 layer i put the actionscript and layer two the actual font; size, colour and text. At first this worked fine but i needed to define a variable name to the font layer of "textdate". To do this i could not use static text but had to make it dynamic text - this worked fine on my computer but when uploaded the time worked fine but only in ariel font :S. Please visit the following pages which show my problem


    if you have a solution (want better explanation)or have an idea on how to fix this please reply,


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    In the properties panel of the dynamic text boxes click character and the select the characters you need and click ok...

    That embeds the font so all computers can see it...


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    You seem to have many of the font concepts wrong.

    Device fonts will replace your fonts by the system fonts available on the user's end. They may or not be the same ones. PC and MAC users see different system fonts.

    The embedding options only apply to dynamic or input text. Static text is embedded by default - device fonts should NOT be selected.

    The kerning has nothing to do with the embedding of the font.

    More about fonts in Flash here:

    If you need more help, don't hesitate to ask.

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    i think this will help .

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