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Thread: What is a good framerate

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    What is a good framerate

    Hey guys, kinda new in animation in Flash MX...was wondering what is a good easy to use frame rate for frame by frame animation?

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    Never done frame by frame my self, but i like the number 18 for all my animations

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    24 is what the pros use, but 20 is normally good enough
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    If you are new, just start out with 12 fps... It's good enough for most people... And i'm pretty sure that most professionals, while they use 24, they double up frames a lot... (making it 12)

    Anything above 15 might be mind boggling for someone who is new. (especially if you want to do that anime style, which is too much detail for someone starting out to begin with!)

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    frame-by-frame at 15 fps is kinda tedious but the result is pretty. otherwise, it probably depends on what you're working with... like if you're going frame-by-frame or tweens, the size and how detailed you want it to be.... frame by frame for big pictures with lotsa detail... I'd reccomend something like 12 cuz it takes a long time to draw it all out, but anything else could be sped up... haha. well play around, see what suits you best!

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    I'm a 12 framer kind of guy.. though I've been known to do a little 24fps here and there.

    12 doesn't look bad. Though I wouldn't suggest going below that.

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