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Thread: fscommand on Pocket Pc

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    fscommand on Pocket Pc

    i have embedded a .mov file into a flash movie and have set certain key frames along the timeline with fscommands associated with them normally i could write the code in vb but this doesn't work on a pocket pc( actually running the hp ipaq). Is there a way to write code to make the fscommands work ( can it be done in javascript? )

    any help much appreciated

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    have you tried using getURL("javascript:") instead.

    I believe the ActiveX control does support the javascript interface, but not sure how you would set up fscommands through js other than the way the plug-in supports it.

    // Javascript to enable fscommand for plug-in
    function fs_evalFSCommand(cmd,args){
    	// if comamnd contains complete function string ignore args
    	// otherwise build a function call with open and closed parenthesis
    	if(cmd.indexOf('(') != -1 && cmd.indexOf(')') != -1){
    		var commandstr = String(cmd);
    	} else {
    		var commandstr = cmd + '(' + args + ')';
    	// eval function call
    window[playerID + '_DoFSCommand'] = fs_evalFSCommand;
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