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Thread: How do you do this ?

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    How do you do this ?


    The news blog on the left, how did they make their scroller scroll that fast, and how would you go about creating a custom scroll bar that is fast scrolling like that. I found out that hes using this LoadVars code on the maintimeline and loading that news.txt into that "text_box" MC which holds the dynamic textfield & 2 up & down buttons:


    And here's the AS for the buttons below

    "Uparrow" button:

    on (press, keyPress "<Up>")
    up = "1";
    on (release, releaseOutside, rollOut)
    up = "0";


    "Down" button:

    on (press, keyPress "<Down>")
    down = "1";
    on (release, releaseOutside, rollOut)
    down = "0";
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