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Thread: My Sketches as of the last year or two

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    cube #45, calarts

    My Sketches as of the last year or two

    Hey Everyone!

    Summer's here, I can post a lot now. muwhaha.
    If any of you are familiar with my usual style, you've always seen animey-ish characters (Tahnime!) and cartoons and stuff... I never really used a scanner before, but I got one now!
    And boy did I scan the heck outta my stuff!
    I don't want to do like million-posting things but I want to upload all of my drawings so they're easier to view faster (just within FK). but first off, here's the page they're all at:
    I guess I'll show all of my favs per category here now!
    Model/picture: "O Girl" -- This one took me like 5 hours but it's my fav!

    ooh here's another good one...

    Cartoon: "Prince" -- it's different, not all pretty with shading but pretty eyes!

    Friends: had two hours of class time without finals and a yearbook.

    Please-- ANY C&C is WELCOME!!!! I know the eye on the first one is out of proportion (got kinda shortened on accident) and the hair's not perfect... but any anything is welcome! lol.
    PS all the pics posted here are the "small" versions, to see the "large" versions (which are twice the size of these) check out the page I posted. Thanks so much!

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    Really nice work e-Tahn!
    The faces are especially good, the only thing I'd say is the first one the neck looks small, really small and the second one the girl looks very skinny. But it looks likes shes a model anyway so she probly was

    I think I probly need to practice drawing people sometime.
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    I'm a POTato Head! The Whyte MaN's Avatar
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    In my head
    I really enjoyed that first pic, well done.
    Im curious, was that an actual photograph you drew from? Or just from scratch?

    Again well done, Study and focus on proportions. You seem to have a good grasp on light. Keep practicing, no bs you could become a very talanted artisit if you keep it up.

    I am Jack's Raging Bile Duct.

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    cube #45, calarts
    Hey guys, thanks for replying!

    Yeah on the first one, after doing the face I got a tad big uninterested, so I started slacking a bit but... Yeah, I looked at the original picture for that, and you're right-- the neck was a lot bigger than that. haha.

    The second girl was actually the first one I drew out of the batch, so it probably is out of proportion... but she was really skinny!

    The Whyte MaN, I'm glad you like the first pic. It wasn't from scratch; I got the picture from a page in W Magazine (has lots of pictures, mostly of models wearing designer stuff), so I found that they made great pictures to sketch.

    When drawing, I try to compare the proportions of the original picture to my sketch-- it usually means using up a bunch of eraser... Usually I think "Okay, that nostril is equally vertical to this part of the lip" and try to draw that. I should probably get into more established proportions, though, hehe. I learned some two years ago at school, but last year I didn't take an art class... But next year I'm taking advanced art, so I hope to work on it!

    PS if there are any errors with my website/accessing stuff, please let me know, because I just redid it so it's in iFrame format (so it's easier to work with and faster to load). Thanks again everyone! I'll probably post some cartoons I've done within the last year (unfortunately, all but two of them were drawn on lined paper! Photoshop time!)

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    Jul 2002
    cube #45, calarts
    Hello again, don't mean to double-post but I just got some cartoons scannified and I'm uploading them now, so I thought I'd post two of my new fav's:
    Prince of Charming

    Princess of Pretty

    Unfortunately, the rest of the cartoons are all drawn on lined (school) paper, so they don't look as good... but I put 'em on my site anyway.

    btw the first drawings page I posted's now obsolete. Here it is with the new stuff, but it's frame-less cuz I redid my site this morning.
    anyone! post! please! then again it is a monday night... haha. Oh well. I just like to get opinions and C&C. I do realize the arm holding the staff on Prince of Charming is a bit out of proportion as according to the sleeve... ah well... and the other arm's hidden by the cape thing... haha. thanks again guys!

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