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Thread: Seeking Artwork Critique

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    Seeking Artwork Critique

    Hey all,
    I'd like some feedback on a few drawings that I scanned
    and colored in flash. Thanks!
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    Good morning! (its morning here any way)

    One thing that bothers my to know end about alot of flash art i see is line size. It looks as if your sticking to a simple hair line or 1 points size for your lines. You need to mix it up a bit to give you images a bit more depth, and if not, then i think you atleast need to choose a larger line size for it all.

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    All in all not bad.
    I noticed all of your pics exept one are profiles to one side. Try drawing more angles of your characters. If you have the time draw the front, both profiles, and the angles in between. That will help you to understand proportions better. Then you can start to draw angles like looking up at the character and down and such.

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    Thanks for the input. I experimented a bit with the different
    line sizes but I didn't like the way it came out. I'll try
    a couple of subtle differences.

    The Whyte MaN:

    The majority of faces that I've drawn in the past
    were straight on, so the angular stuff is pretty new
    to me. I was really looking for input on how my 3/4
    perspective worked (or didn't). Thanks for the tips.

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