hi there, i have always wanted to make myslef a comic. but every time i start one, i lose interest straight away... why? because i cant think of a story. i'm crap at writing stuff.

soooo, i have finally got off my butt and i'm just gonna go out and ask. who would like to be my writer?

what i want to do is make a online comic like the ones from penny-arcade, Mac geeks etc. and update every week or twice a week.
here is a (very) quick example of what it might look like.

and here is what cartoonfox looks like when i can be bothered to spend some time to make hime look right

and here is the logo

soo, if anyone is interested, then please e-mail me (click the e-mail button)
or talk to me on AIM, my user name is cartoonfoxDOTcom

when e-mailing me, please give an example of how "episode 2" could go like. it doesnt have to be just 3 panels, but i would like it to be short but sweet ^-^

if you want any other info, e-mail me or chat to me with AIM, i'm almost allways online

mods: if this is the wrong place for this, i'm sorry, please move
thanks ^-^