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Thread: cokec2.com

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    Coke C2 : A Feel Good Site

    Coke C2

    this site has a cool clean feel good vibe to it.
    for some reason i am find my self drawn to it often.
    any opinions?

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    Nah..not to cool
    UPS' official RIPP-OFF
    See full complaint here > www.actionfx.net/complaint.htm

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    C2 is so silly. Half the carbs, eh? Well I'll tell you a secret my carb starved fellow countrymen! You can get *none* of the carbs/calories if you just drink diet coke! You always could!

    There's all this silliness about carb free this and carb free that, "oh look, honey, now my favorite peanut butter is carb free!" Uh huh, you should know... it always *HAS BEEN!* and then I laugh at the commercials for the vitamin supplements that you're supposed to take if you're on the low carb diet, because you aren't getting all the nutrients you need, and the TV commercials for 0 carb laxatives to relieve the painful side effects of a purely protein diet.

    No offense to those on the low carb diet... I hear it works real good, just don't fall for the marketing crap cause it just seems like they are taking advantage of a fad.
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    Uninspired site for what I agree is a dumb product.

    Preloaded usually do coke sites and do a good job, wonder if they did this.

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    lol, it took me a while till I realized those floating objects were supposed to be birds. Thought they were planes or something at first.

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    of all the coke sites
    I would say the C2 site is the best. It makes me feel good..
    then and want a Diet Pepsi
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    Simply boring and bad architecture.

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