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Thread: blur in and out

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    blur in and out

    hey anybody know how to get the blur in and out affect of movie clips and bmaps...

    an example

    is a piano pelle's site


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    I don't know how, but if you're lucky Pellepiano himself might answer it.

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    I know for the pictures you can do it if you make them symbols and then change the alpha values with a tween effect to get the fade in/out effect.

    ie. fade in
    create a new symbol (ctrl+f8) -> graphic
    put your pic in there

    *in the timeline, put in a keyframe
    *drag your symbol from the library onto the stage
    *make sure the symbol is selected
    *open the properties box
    *under under the colour tab, select alpha
    *set it to 0
    *insert another keyframe in the timeline (say at 2 secs further down)
    *select the symbol, change the alpha to 100

    create a motion tween between the two keyframes and it should fade in. to fade out, go from alpha 100 -> 0.

    Not sure how it works with movies though

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    Sorry, I was thinking fade in/out. Don't mind me.

    Although if you were wondering how to fade, that's how you do it.

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    thnx anyways

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