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Thread: opening flash exe from a usb memory drive when it is plugged in

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    opening flash exe from a usb memory drive when it is plugged in

    Does anyone know how to open a flash exe loaded on to a usb flash memory drive when it is first plugged in? Is there anything similar to autorun.inf for cd's?

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    mbd (Derek Vadneau) posted this in the SWF Studio support forums in response to a similar question. You can read the whole thread over here.

    "When you plug the thing in, the PC recognises it. So it must read something."

    Yes, but it's not running something you've put there, there's software built into the device that talks to Windows. You can't (easily or maybe at all) edit this to run a file on the drive. You could resort to hacking the hardware/software built onto the drive, but that's way beyond the scope of SWF Studio and this forum.

    Now the good news: I did find info on how to make removable media autorun capable. However, this is a registry setting, so unless the user has this setup already, you're faced with not being able to get this to run the first time.

    Windows XP might have this enabled by default, as it's apparently more media-friendly.

    Here are some sites I've found:

    And this little utility will make sure autorun works on USB drives:
    However, the software has to be running on the client system.

    The registry settings wouldn't work for me with a couple of USB drives we have here. However, the utility above does work everytime. The problem, again, is that the program must be running on the client system, and that may not be acceptable to some people.

    You could write an SWF Studio app that would do what that utility does, except only for your application. With SWF Studio you can detect a new drive and then read the drive for your application and run it.

    Instead of making this hidden to the user, you could present them with the option of turning it on/off, and drop an icon in the system tray. You'd be playing nice and they'd have your logo/icon in their system tray


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