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Thread: Trouble with loadMovie when viewing online

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    Trouble with loadMovie when viewing online

    Hey all,

    Ok, I am doing a site which has a bunch of images being loaded into a movieclip as thumbnails of the images are clicked. The site works great offline, but once I upload to the server, the images don't appear when clicked. I can see the background, but it's as if the loadMovie function isn't working. Example of code:

    phighfashion.onPress = function() {
    loadMovie("/swf/hfbtn.swf", "_root.btnholder");

    I know I have a /swf directory on the server where the images are being held. I have heard that sometimes this path needs to be the whole url ie.

    phighfashion.onPress = function() {
    loadMovie ("http://www.servername.com/swf/hfbtn.swf", "_root.btnholder");

    Is this the case, or is there another problem that I'm not aware of? I have tried this just in case, and it doesn't seem to work either. Any ideas?


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    the same folder

    I just had that same problem ... I just moved all the images and the html to the same folder... it worked fine. It might be messy but .. hey

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    hey! messy or not i just need the site to work... which it does now thanks to your help.


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