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Thread: pixel fonts blurry

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    pixel fonts blurry

    Here is the issue...

    I have pixel fonts in a Mc, in a MC so on a so forth, all MC are on full pixels the fonts are on full pixels, and if you wait long enough for the menu to land on a full pixel, then it is too, yet they are still blurry,,,,,,

    I tried embedding and putting in a dynamic, I tried different colors and EVERYTHING !!!!!

    Please help.

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    You have scaled the main Mc on the Main Stage. I noticed this when i edited the mc on the stage and typed something, the text typed backwards. See that you do not scale the main Mc coz the fonts are nested in it.

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    I was really hoping that you wouldnt say that........

    I gotta redo it now? please say there is a way to fix it.....

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    thats not the main problem,

    If you have scaled it, you just delete it from the stage and drag it out of the library again.

    More than likely the problem will be this:

    you need to go into the MC, highlight everything that is on keyframe 1. make sure that is on 0.0 coordinates, as this dictates the postion of the MC on the stage. Then go out of the MC make sure it is on 0.0 again, then go back into the MC and check the fonts position again.

    I explain this again and again.

    Hope you understand.

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